We have three core mission priorities:

1. Provide low cost legal services to immigrants and refugees seeking to make a home in the city of Detroit;

2. Offer low-cost housing to immigrants and refugees who have difficulty finding long-term residences in the city of Detroit; and

3. Assist businesses owned by Detroit residents (from disadvantaged communities) unable to find capital due to their inexperience, need for professional support, and/or immigration status.

Hours and Locations of Operations


- 99 Wayne Street, Pontiac: 12-5pm


- 2826 Bagley Avenue, Detroit: 12-7pm


- 15491 Maddelein Street Detroit: 12-5pm

1. Legal Services

Photo by Simon Bradfield/iStock / Getty Images

The Southwest Detroit Immigrant and Refugee Center, through its team of licensed attorneys, law students, and other legal professionals, provides low-cost legal services. Our team will help clients obtain legal status, represent persons in removal proceedings, and seek positive remedies for their immigration-related needs.

Our legal professionals offer counsel to persons seeking to gain legal immigration status so that they may remain in the city of Detroit.  To that end, we are skilled at helping persons with the following:  naturalization, DACA, adjustment of status, special immigrant visas, family-based visas, employment-based visas, asylum, and temporary protected status.  Also, we are working in partnership with Michigan United to enroll Michigan parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents in the DAPA program. 

All legal services provided through the Southwest Detroit Immigrant and Refugee Center are provided on an ability to pay basis.

2. Housing

Southwest Detroit Housing

Immigrants and refugees in Detroit often have difficulty securing decent, affordable housing because of their immigration status, lack of established credit, and limited resources.  The Southwest Detroit Immigrant and Refugee Center, in partnership with the Detroit Land Bank and Detroit Renaissance Real Estate Services, LLC, makes available houses and apartments to qualified individuals at below-market rents without regard to their immigration status.

3. Business Development


Business Development

Hundreds of unregistered businesses operate in the city of Detroit.  While many of these businesses generate significant revenues, they are unable to secure growth capital because they lack filed corporate documents, banking relationships and professional oversight.  In partnership with the Accounting Aid Society, the Wayne County Community College District, and other local organizations, we help street-level entrepreneurs turn economic activities into thriving businesses.